Danes Anchor Award

The Danes Anchor Award aims to celebrate all that the students do in and out of the classroom and in and out of school. The aim of the award is to encourage the students to develop their character traits of Confidence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Commitment and Craftsmanship. 

The aims of the award are:
● To ensure students are engaged fully in wider school life
● To develop the core principles of excellence, respect and trust
● To inspire confidence, curiosity and courage
● Build on the school’s core values of trust, respect and excellence

The award is split into 6 sections: commitment, communication, teamwork, community, curious and active. The aim is for the students to demonstrate they have met the requirements for each section before gaining their award.  

How to get the award signed off.

Step 1: The student gets their booklet signed off (given out in September)

Step 2: The student fills in the Google Form (on Google Year group classroom) to say they have had it signed off.

Step 3: The student brings their booklet to their form tutor who then checks the section, marks it complete on the Google Form and puts the merits onto Arbor